The Touchpoint Advantage

Why Touchpoint Search?

Finance leaders are not cut from the same cloth but generally, they need to possess strong finance and strategic skills, strong leadership skills, excellent communication skills and executive maturity. But after that, the right CFO or Controller is very much driven by the environment and what is needed by the company at that point in time.


Do you need someone well versed in a turn-around, or is great at raising capital, or partial to process and controls, or a highly leveraged situation, or a high growth situation? There are many other situations that might demand a certain skill set and leader and that’s where we come in.

Executive Experience

We are a firm started and owned by an experienced public company CFO so we know how to identify that top finance talent that is just right for you. Steve Crane, the Managing Partner, has served as a public company CFO, an interim CEO and a Division President as well as a Division CFO for Pepsi-Cola International in Hong Kong and as a VP at Chase Manhattan Asia Limited in Hong Kong.

National and International Reach

As part of MRINetwork, we are affiliated with one of the world’s largest recruitment and placement organizations, with a 55-year-old, award-winning, global network of recruitment experts and talent advisors.  We help employers who are seeking today’s top talent, and those impact players who are ready to make a difference.

Being part of the MRINetwork enables our firm to:

  • Serve our clients’ international search requirements.

  • Reach potential candidates on both coasts and in other countries.

  • Co-develop best-practice search methodologies.

  • Cross-reference candidates.

Call us, we would love to speak with you about your particular situation to see how we can help.

Detailed, friendly, transparent, and extremely thorough with the entire process from start to finish. He maintained an open flow of communication, and would always follow up before and after key events. 

Bradley Grimshaw, Senior Accountant, Global Forest Partners LP