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According to researchers, at any time, 15-20% of professionals are seeking new positions. At the other end of the spectrum, 10-15% cannot envision changing positions in the near term under virtually any circumstance. Assuming these percentages are accurate, one can conclude that 65-70% of professionals, although not actively seeking new employment, may consider making a change if the right opportunity came to them. Touchpoint Search finds those professionals who are not seeking change but if properly channeled will move for the right oppportunity.

Even further, every day at Touchpoint Search , we help our clients locate and place Impact Players, who are defined as those people who comprise 20% of your company's workforce but who make 80% of the impact on your business. The Pareto principle exists even in the world of Human Resources. We find that Impact Players bring more than skill, they bring energy and passion, and their effort doesn't end just because the day has.

As part of MRINetwork™, Touchpoint Search is affiliated with one of the world's largest recruitment and placement organizations, approximately 600 offices worldwide. Our Accelerated Recruitment™ approach brings together the right combination of scale, expertise, and methodology to match each client's specific needs.

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